How Smart Women Land Their Dream Man in 6 Short Weeks


What if you could have the time of your life meeting fun and exciting men that would be perfect for the type of relationship you are desperately seeking?


What if you could be the chooser and have any man you wanted?


What if you could know for sure the men you meet are quality before coming face to face?


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Loving yourself changes who you attract! Discover your inner “Golden Buddha” and follow the principles of “Partner with Yourself First.” In 6 short weeks from today, you’ll be irresistibly attractive meeting exciting potential partners that you’d love to share the rest of your life with.




“Owning our “story” and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” Brene Brown, Ph.D.


Loving yourself changes who you attract!


When women discover their inner “Golden Buddha,” the unique pieces of their authentic self; they’re much happier, stronger, confident and energized. It changes the way they see themselves and the way they interact with the world around them.


Compatible Connections presents: “Partner with Yourself First!”


“Authentic dating (Partner with Yourself First) is a great way to replace the very superficial rhythm of today’s dating scene. It’s absolutely far more fulfilling and genuine. A priceless Series!” Lisa from Newtown Square, PA


This Series minimizes significantly the amount of time, guesswork and pain it takes to determine if someone is right for you.  You’ll know with greater certainty before you even meet if you’re compatible and have chemistry.  You’ll tremendously increase your chances of meeting the love of your life and having the lasting relationship you truly desire. 


In 6 short weeks become a confident conscious dater. 


You’ll never again begin a relationship only to find out he doesn’t want a commitment. 


 Instead, you’ll be an expert at recognizing Mr. Wrong before you even come face to face.

You deserve TRUE love. 


Ever wondered … “Am I going to be alone the rest of my life?”  


By next month, you could be off the singles market forever.  


This Series comes with a guarantee.


If you’re not dating differently after your first session, a full refund is provided.


Transform yourself into a successful confident conscious dater! 


Partner with Yourself First! You’re about to meet the love of your life.  


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“I loved working with dating expert Coach Bernadette. She has Samantha’s street smarts,
Carrie’s loyalty, Miranda’s professionalism, and Charlotte’s heart!”  ~ Rachel, NYC


Bernadette’s a leader in the dating industry.  You won’t find her unique strategy on the internet. Her skills and masterful connecting questions (men love them) are revolutionary. Book your weekends with great dates! Don’t waste any more time being single, take this Series!”  ~  Susan B., Age 49, Doylestown, PA


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