What is a Confident and Conscious Dater?

Conscious dating can lead you into the life and relationship most want. Once you know what makes you compatible to men and understand how chemistry picks romantic partners, you will have a much easier time at meeting men, dating men, and recognizing men that are potential partners for true long lasting love!

What is Important about Knowing What Makes You Compatible?

Compatibility is responsible for what happens after the “spark” starts to fade. (And it will.) Compatibility is the glue that holds the relationship together. Opposites may attract but eventually they attack. Compatibility creates harmonious relationships. Compatibility corresponds to the long-term potential between two people. How a relationship begins is less important than the feelings that develop over time. Compatibility leads to intimacy.

Why Isn’t Chemistry Enough?

Chemistry is wonderful! It’s responsible for the “spark.” Chemistry is a simple emotion that two people experience when they share a special connection. It’s the impulse you have when you first meet someone – you just feel it. The intensity will eventually subside and the relationship will be tested for its strong foundation. The basis for this foundation stems from how compatible you and your partner are together.

Can You Have One Without the Other?

Having chemistry without compatibility will make for a strenuous relationship full of conflict, and having compatibility without chemistry will leave you craving more. One cannot be present without the other for a relationship to flourish in the long-term.

Chemistry without compatibility can be a ticking time bomb!

These relationships begin too rapidly and passionately. Many people fall in lust, however, over time it doesn’t last. How a relationship begins is less important than the feelings that develop over time.

Why Do I Need a Dating Plan?

Starting a relationship without a dating plan is like starting a business without a business plan. Without a Vision, Mission, Purpose or marketing stagey it would be very difficult to reach your business goals.  Having a dating plan is no different. Once you have the important ingredients to reach your relationship goals dating is something you look forward to.  Much of the stress is removed because your limitations are handled. Dating becomes your new hobby that keeps you encouraged, hopeful and most of all busy on Saturday nights! Who doesn’t want a busy dating calendar?

Are you a Matchmaker?

Simply put “no” and I don’t have to be to get the results of aligning you with like-minded men. My clients do their own picking of men they find attractive. Matchmakers send you off on blind dates and hope for the best. No one knows you better than you do. Compatible Connections will show you how to become a compatibility and chemistry expert something that will enhance all of your relationships. It’s a valuable skill that is not taught anywhere else. Available men are everywhere. You just need to know where to go, what to look for based on what you are looking for in a partner and relationship and learn how to ask opened ended questions that get you the second date!

What Does “In Real Time” Online Dating with Clients Mean?

Mastering online dating isn’t rocket science but it is complicated. The reason divorced women need someone by their side full time during their first experience is the same reason we need to have someone running along side of us when we’re first learning  how to ride a bicycle without training wheels! First timers need support and guidance but need to keep peddling to get results! Together, we jump on a dating site once we decide which site is best for you. You are never alone from start to finish. Each step needed to be a successful online dater is covered before you come face to face on a first meet.

Tell Me More About the service You’ve Got Mail?

Offered to premier clients, this time saver service is very much needed by busy single women. One of the challenges with online dating is keeping up with numerous matches, sorting through profiles, deleting the undesirables, and starting email conversations while keeping up with men you’d like to meet for a first date.  Ideally, you should spend at least 15 minutes an evening on your dating site.  Many online daters miss out on valuable dating opportunities  when they’re not able to keep up with their dating profiles. Overwhelm is very common among online daters. If this sounds like you, this service is exactly what you are looking for.  

What if I need additional mentoring/coaching after the completing the Series?

Our premier clients (Series Graduates) are entitled to special rates and priority scheduling their hourly sessions. Most clients will “spot coach” and “spot text” as they begin new relationships and deepen intimacy with their new partners.

Do you offer coaching?

Yes. We offer divorcees and widows two different styles of coaching.

Meantime Coaching – Become a successful single! Moving through the meantime … where you are now, creating your new normal and loving your life after divorce or losing a loved one.

Dating and Relationship Coaching – Becoming a confident conscious dater. Clarity, confidence, compatibility, chemistry, and connection is key to becoming a successful single and dater. Know who you are and what you most want. Learn how to get what you want and we’ll take you there. Become the chooser. Balance your heart with your head. Be ready and available for commitment. Gain relationship knowledge and skills.

Have more questions for us? We’re happy to hear from you. Either schedule a complimentary Discover Session on this site, find us on FB & Compatible Connections and IM, call directly, or send us an email. We’re here to make sure you get the love you deserve!