How to Find TRUE Love That Lasts Using Your Top 5 Compatibility Traits


What if you could have the time of your life meeting fun and exciting men that would be perfect for the type of relationship you are desperately seeking?


What if you could be the chooser and have any man you wanted?


What if you could know for sure the men you meet are quality before coming face to face?


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Would you say “yes” to that? What is holding you back from the most precious gift you could ever give yourself? Don’t let it cost you a lifetime of disappointment and loneliness. 


When women discover their “Top 5 Compatible Traits” the unique pieces of their authentic self; they’re empowered with more happiness, feel stronger, confident and energized to go outside their comfort zone.  It changes the way they see themselves and the way they experience dating.  Confident conscious daters ask “Compatible Connecting Questions” to effortlessly recognize potential compatible partners and begin the dating process of elimination before meeting men for the first time!  There isn’t a safer or easier way to go about meeting ideal partners. We’ve been doing this work for over a decade. Hundreds of divorced women have come before you.  Everyone finds the love of their life! Are YOU ready for love?




 While chemistry is an undeniably important part of any romance, it’s a poor predicator of a relationship’s long-term success.


Compatibility is the glue that holds a relationship together.


 “Over the years, I’ve learned that anything women, especially women dating after divorce or loss, can do to speed up the getting-to-know-you-process benefits them enormously.” Coach Bernadette


Compatible Connections presents Partner with Yourself First to Find TRUE Love That Lasts Using your Top 5 Compatible Traits.

To find genuinely compatible connections, women need to learn how to date deliberately. 


Relationship compatibility exists, first and foremost, when a couple relates with equality and respect. Relationships thrive when two peoples share companionship, activities, and can grow deeper into intimacy together. This Series will teach you to recognize compatible partners instantly; so you can effortlessly begin new fulfilling relationships that can lead you to marriage.

 This 6 week Seris is transformational. We guarantee you’ll be dating differently after completing the first session. 

Money-back guarantee!


Session 1: Compatible Trait #1 Core Values. Core Values give your life and relationships purpose and meaning. They represent your true self; the essence of who you really are. Living your Core Values is one of the most powerful tools available to lead women into an extraordinary life with an ideal compatible life partner who will love, cherish,  and respect you for who you truly are. 


Session 2:  Compatible Trait #2 Emotional & Relationship Needs. To need is to be human. To become more attractive to the people, love, and opportunities you most desire, you must banish all signs of neediness. And, to do that, it certainly helps to know specifically what your unique Emotional & Relationship needs are and take practical steps to fulfill them in healthy positive ways. The huge benefit to getting your needs fulfilled is you will instantly become much more attractive.


Session 3:  Compatible Trait #3 Personality/Temperament.  Very few people know their personality traits or realize their temperament selects romantic partners for them. Personalities define character, behaviors, thoughts, and feeling. Opposites attract but do they last? This compatibility trait should be used to identify and understand how the men you meet see their world and show up in it.  A leopard never changes his spots. When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.  Pick a romantic partner that compliments your personality and temperament traits. Dodge all the bullets out there that will sabotage every relationship you’ll ever have.


Session 4:  Compatibility Trait #4: Love Languages What makes you feel loved? Love Languages are the secret to love that lasts. Once you discover what makes you feel loved, it will be much easier for you to identify if the men you date share your feelings about where the relationship is going. Discover what makes you feel loved and you’ll never second guess yourself or waste your time with Mr. Wrongs.


Session 5:  Compatible Trait #5 Character Traits. We use the term character traits to describe a person’s most prominent attributes; it is the sum total of the features and traits that form an individual’s nature. Life is long and challenging, and you need a partner who has the same overall view on life that you do in order to take on its obstacles as a team. Character traits are valued aspects of a person’s behavior.  Discover how to uncover a man’s character without him knowing. Meet men that walk their talk!


Session 6:  The Launch! Being a confident conscious dater. In this special session, you will learn the Art of Compatible Connecting Questions. This is your unique dating plan you can rinse and repeat with every date you have. Each segment of your Top 5 Character Traits will be addressed so you’ll be able to ask the right compatible questions recognizing ideal compatible men instantly. When you ask these questions, you create a safe space for other people to give you an unvarnished truth. Listen to learn about the person staying neutral and open to everything he’s telling you. Never make someone wrong or feel bad for sharing freely with you. Listen with the intent to be curious. The answers you obtain will give you the information needed to confidently make choices and decisions that are in your best interest relating to the type of relationship you’re seeking and the type of man you’d like to meet. You’ll create intimacy with every compatible man you meet!  


“Coach Bernadette teaches “Authentic Dating.” (Partner with Yourself First) It’s the only way to replace the very superficial rhythm of today’s dating scene. It’s absolutely far more fulfilling, fun, and genuine. A priceless Series! I’m meeting great guys everywhere!” Lisa from Newtown Square, PA


Each session is one hour. In 6 short weeks, you’ll become a confident conscious dater. You’ll be able to find someone you click with so naturally, you’ll feel like you’ve known him your whole life!

That’s compatibility!


Learn solid proven scientific strategies that put you in front of compatible men. Learn effective communication skills that lead to long term relationships that last. 


You’ll never again begin a relationship only to find out he’s not your type,  doesn’t want a commitment or worse stay in a dead-end relationship that ends after losing 5 years you’ll never get back. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who’ve owned these experiences. Don’t let this happen to you. 


 Instead, work with a certified expert who did this for herself. Become your own expert recognizing Mr. Wrong before that first date!

This Series comes with heartfelt wisdom, personal experience, and professional credentials! 


Ever wondered … “Am I going to be alone for the rest of my life?”  


By next month, you could be off the singles market forever.  


This Series comes with a money-back guarantee.

If you’re not dating differently after your first one-hour session, a full refund is provided.


Transform yourself into a successful confident conscious dater! Give up your single life.


Partner with Yourself First! Become your BEST self! You’re about to meet the love of your life. 

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“I loved working with dating expert Coach Bernadette. She has Samantha’s street smarts,
Carrie’s loyalty, Miranda’s professionalism, and Charlotte’s heart!”  ~ Rachel, NYC


Bernadette’s a leader in the dating industry.  You won’t find her unique strategy on the internet. She masterfully takes you through your own self-discovery that transforms the way you go about dating.  Your results become your “Dating Plan” a personalized “blueprint” to having it all in the world of dating.  Book your weekends with great dates! Don’t waste any more time being single, take this Series!”  Discover your 5 compatible traits! Your love life will be much easier and more fun!   Susan B., Age 49, Doylestown, PA


Hundreds of women have come before you.

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