Review & Reboot -Dating Profiles Men Can’t Resist ~ Pictures That Get Clicks

If you want to stand out online and attract the right kind of men, you need to have a winning profile and expressive pictures. 

Let us show you how to tell your story and present yourself in a fun, lite, and flirty way to make compatible connections that last. Remember men are visual and like to make life exciting. Show them just don’t tell them who you are. You deserve true love. Let me share my personal experience so you can click on happily ever after too!


Have an online profile but not getting quality dates? There’s more to think about than just blindly writing profiles and posting pictures. If you’re not “thinking like a man” while capturing your best self in a profile or posting pictures only YOU really like, then you’ll likely to end up frustrated, disappointed, and unfortunately giving up on one of the best opportunities out there to meet compatible partners. Don’t let this happen to you.  Review and Reboot!

Not meeting like-minded men?

Do your pictures show men you’re fun, light and flirty?

Thinking online dating doesn’t work?

It’s not the site ladies! It’s the competition! Review and Reboot!

Profiles serve a larger purpose than you think.  Profiles separate you from the competition, attract compatible men, get you a first date, and for sure will get you that first message! Research has found that men develop their first impression of you within one second of seeing your picture and your profile is next in line! Be sure your present an invitation and a temptation! Again, “thinking like a man” is key to getting past the competition!

Let us help you take your online crush to offline love. One in every four relationships begin on an online dating site. Let’s review and reboot so you can click on happily after too!

Your online dating profile is the single most important piece of digital real estate you have; unfortunately, everyone has trouble writing about themselves. Let us help you tell your story! We’ll work with you, one-on-one, to enhance your existing profile and pictures making it easier for compatible men to find you.

How this Service is delivered: This is a personalized one on one service delivered over the phone by Certified Dating Expert Bernadette M. Smith, MCC. More about Bernadette HERE!

Two one hour coaching calls are scheduled at your convenience. Between calls there are unlimited emails/texts exchanged between coach and client as they work through the process of rewriting the clients profile and selecting the right photographs.  During this process, you’ll begin seeing how telling your story enhances your chances of meeting like-minded men you’d love to meet. Your finished profile will be so specific/entertaining telling your story that compatible men will see themselves in it, contact  you, and compliment you.

Special Offer: If you opt into this service you’ll eligible to receive a discount off our Signature Series Seek – Sort & Select your Ideal Match Online. Offer expires 2 months after completing your stellar profile. Contact us for details. Payment options available.

If you could change your online dating experiences working with an online dating expert who met and married her online Romeo and could show you how to do the same, what could be holding you back? 

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session with Coach Bernadette. Let us answer any questions you may have and allow us to get to know your and your unique situation. We all deserve TRUE love after divorce!