How Smart Women Master Online Dating Partnering with an Expert


In only 6 short weeks,  you can become a masterful online dater.


What if you could have the time of your life meeting fun and exciting men that would be perfect for the type of relationship you are seeking?


What if you could be the chooser and have any man you wanted?


What if you could know for sure the men you pick online are quality before you meet them?


What if you never had to have a bad date?


What if you could be in a healthy, loving, compatible relationship next month?


Would you say “yes” to that?


If you implement our proven Seek, Sort and Select Series to your online dating experience, 6 weeks from today, you’ll be meeting exciting potential partners that you’d never find on your own.








In 6 short weeks Coach, Bernadette will show you how to become a confident conscious dater, and you don’t have to do this alone. Experience the opportunity of having an expert dating coach by your side every step of the way.


By next month you’ll be a master online dater.  This Series is unique to you and your personal preferences:


  • Which dating websites are right for you
  • How to come up with a memorable username and headline
  • Select the right photos that attract your type
  • How to beat the competition with a winning profile
  • Conduct a broad and effective search of only compatible men
  • Write confident first emails that get returned
  • Owning a personalized dating strategy that will help you connect with only compatible men that would be perfect for you
  • How to gracefully pull off a first date or bad date exit strategy
  • How to stay safe and protect your privacy on and offline
  • How to keep all the control and your digits before knowing you have a Keeper
  • Recognize and meet only compatible partners. No more bad dates.
  • Know what to say to men that make you highly attractive.
  • Get on and offline quickly and into that loving relationship you’ve been waiting for! 


This Series is very popular and comes with a guarantee you’ll be dating differently holding all the control!

 We can usually schedule new clients within a few weeks.  A Discovery Session is mandatory.

Let us answer any questions you might have and allow us to learn more about you and your unique situation. 


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Client Success Stories: 98% Success Rate 

“The best gift I ever gave myself. Online dating was such a chore until now. Coach Bernadette logs on your online dating site and in a matter of minutes can show you how to master online dating with such efficiency and spot-on choices of men to email it’s just amazing. This compatibility master can see what you can’t when it comes to the essence of what men are really saying in profiles and emails. The mystery of how to successfully meet great guys online was finally solved. Get this online matchmaker on your site if you’re ready to get off the singles market! I was on Match almost a year before I found out about Coach Bernadette’s Online Dating Series.  I”m finally off Match and in a wonderful relationship. This Series is priceless. No way would I have figured out how to date using my compatibility traits! Thanks, Coach!” Christine L. Age 47 Newtown Square, PA


“If you’re single and don’t want to be…this Series is the real deal. Everything Bernadette works with is authentic to you. You’ll never read about it in a self-help book, find it in all the free stuff online, or hear it from your girlfriends! It’s truly amazing how this dating expert simplifies everything, gives you specific recipes to concur online dating every step of the way and makes it fun, light and flirty! Men love the approach, and I’m never home alone on Saturday nights! Brilliant – Seek, Sort and Select works!” ~  Sandy L., Age 52, Orlando, FL



EXTRAS: Receive our popular eBook 101 Connecting Questions, free subscription to Meet-Cute, and attend MasterClasses at no charge. Stay connected between session with unlimited e-mail support, unlimited text messaging, quick chats and more.


There’s More! After completing your 6 week Series, you’ll be invited into our closed Facebook Group where you can make new friends across the country and become each other’s cheerleaders! Share your success and stories, ask questions, receive great tips about men and dating from Coach Bernadette and more.

You’ll be the first to know!  This closed group will also be notified first about Compatible Connections limited seating special events held on and offline, monthly dating tips not shared anywhere else, along with monthly webinars and Zoom chats!


Girls just want to have fun and we know how to make this happen!

Join in on the fun! You’re not alone. You will meet the man of your dreams!


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