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A “Partner With Yourself First” Personal Inventory

Do I Know Me?

Your relationship patterns are automatic and outdated.

Test your self-awareness and identity to find your ideal direction in life and love.

Your TRUE essence naturally attracts ideal compatible partners! The better your self-awareness, the easier it is to love and be loved.

If you’re looking for love, understand what you need to feel fulfilled and cherished. The key to avoiding the dating merry-go-round requires taking time to get to know yourself before you try to get to know someone else.

Most singles date backwards! What matters most is what is in the inside! Your TRUE essence of character. No one but our clients date from the insdie out!

Do you know your Top 4 Core Values? No matter how many qualities you put on your list of “must haves,” nothing matters quite so much as finding someone who shares your core values. In the end, they represent who you are and what you need to be your best self and partner in a relationship. Core values often become the deal breakers of most marriages!  

Take this Quiz. It will  help you understand what you truly need in order to have the relationship you truly desire.  Let’s do it differently this time!

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Instructions: Please complete all items. Rate each item on a scale of 1-5. Please choose one number and do not write a decimal, such as 3.5. Select the answer that best represents your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors regarding your view of yourself and your future. Choose how true each statement is for you, then add up your score.  To interpret your score, use the tabs below.

Quiz Scoring Criteria
Statement Response
1. I am not able to list out my top five greatest priorities in life. ___________
2. I frequently wonder where my life is heading and where I want it to go. ___________
3. Most days, I do not know exactly what I want for myself. ___________
4. If asked to describe myself in one sentence or less, I would have some difficulty. ___________
5. I am sure that other people know themselves better than I know myself. ___________
6. I often feel like my identity changes and I do not have a   consistent sense of self identity. ___________
7. I do not have a mission statement for my life which I use to guide my decision making processes. ___________
8. When I think about what is most important to me, I sometimes feel unsure, but want to figure it out. ___________
9. I often find myself feeling envious of others who seem to know what they want out of life and who go for it. ___________
10. I think that my life would be better if I was more self-assured and knew exactly what I have to offer the world. ___________
11. I commonly have thoughts like, “Things would be easier if I had a clear sense for what I really want.” ___________
12. If asked to list the top 3 adjectives that describe my personality, I would have difficulty. ___________
13. It would be hard for me to clearly articulate what I can offer to my job or my relationships. ___________
14.  I sometimes feel a bit like a chameleon, I seem to change when I am with different people or when I am in different environments. ___________
15. I have recently been asked by others something along the lines of, “well, what is it that you really do want?” ___________
16.  When I feel upset, it is common for me to start thinking that it is because I am unsure of myself, my values, and what is truly important to me. ___________
17.  I really do not like that common question that is asked at interviews about describing your three greatest strengths and three greatest weaknesses. That question is (or would be) very difficult for me. ___________
18. I have a hard time taking risks and going after what I want. ___________
19.  Others have told me that they are sometimes unsure what to expect from me or that I send mixed messages. ___________
20.  On a typical day, I do not look at the bigger picture of my life when making decisions. ___________
21.  I do not have a clear purpose for each of the different areas of my life (such as work, friendships, fitness, family, etc.). ___________
22.  I am unsure of where exactly I want to be within the next five years. ___________
23.  I often struggle with introducing myself to others because I’m not sure what to say about myself. ___________
24.  I would not be able to tell someone what my strongest personality characteristics and traits are. ___________
25.  I sometimes have problems in my relationships because others do not feel exactly clear on what I want and what I expect from them. ___________
26.  I avoid talking about myself sometimes because I do not know what to say and do not feel confident in my strengths. ___________
27.  My future looks unclear to me. I am not sure where I will be or what my strongest aspirations are. ___________
28.  When I think of what really drives me and motivates me, I sometimes feel confused. ___________
29.  I would like to have a better sense of who I am inside and feel more confident. ___________
30.  Many times I think that what I am is not really what I want to be, but I’m not sure what or how to change. ___________

This score indicates a high likelihood that you do not know yourself very well. It is possible that your values, beliefs or priorities have recently changed and you have not yet adjusted, or that you are starting to become aware that you do not have a solid sense of what is most meaningful for you. Not knowing yourself very well can cause you some distress and discomfort, and you are likely to recognize that you could be more fulfilled if you better knew what you want out of life. You may feel envious of others who appear to be very confident and self aware. With some work, you can start to develop a more solid, consistent sense of identity, values, and goals. 

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Your score indicates that you may feel that you do not know yourself as well as you could. You may feel more confident and secure in some areas of your life than others. It is likely that you want to have a very clear vision for your life and specific goals to follow your purpose. You may have experienced some indecision lately due to a lack of a clear vision for your future. You may feel that you change when you are around different people or in different situations and that you would like to develop a greater sense of consistency. If you can recognize the areas in which you know yourself best and then start to further develop the areas where you are less in touch with yourself, you can experience significant growth in self awareness.

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This score indicates that you may have some confusion about certain aspects of yourself, but that you know yourself pretty well overall. There may be a couple areas which are less clear than others; however, you are very clear in certain areas. You may want to develop these less certain areas and work on creating solid goals for the future. You are likely to be pretty confident in your abilities and able to articulate what is most important to you. You are also likely to be pretty consistent in the way that you present yourself across various situations. Work on the few areas where you are less in touch with yourself and your self awareness will be excellent. Together we can certainly transform your love life and make it fun in the process.

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Congratulations! You are a candidate that is ready, willing and able to meet that one special compatible partner!  The assessment results indicate that you know yourself very well. You are likely to have a clear mission for yourself and to know how your various activities fit together and help you to get where you want to go. You are probably confident in your abilities and able to describe yourself and your goals very clearly. You are someone who knows what you want and you are not afraid to go after it. Your knowledge of yourself, your aspirations, and your values are all strong. It is likely that you are well aware of your weaknesses in addition to your strengths, and that you work to address them. You know what is meaningful and important to you. You can be considered a person who is more self- aware than most people. Having said all of this, there is just one important element left to discover. . .

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Disclaimer:  This assessment is not intended to provide a psychological or psychiatric diagnosis and your completion of the test does not indicate a professional counseling or coaching relationship with the creators or administrators of the test.