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Explore Our Services

At the heart of Compatible Connections, you’ll find our two Signature Series: Partner with Yourself First and Seek, Sort & Select Compatible Partners Online.

These one-on-one, six week-long, personalized coaching Series are designed to show women, just like you, how to transform their love lives and become confident, conscious daters as they re-enter the dating scene after divorce. All of our Signature Series come with a money-back guarantee that you’ll be dating differently after your first coaching session.

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We ask all prospective clients to experience a no-obligation Discovery Session with Certified Life & Dating Coach Bernadette Smith. In only twenty minutes you’ll not only have a new way of looking at how to go about meeting men, you’ll discover the one thing in a relationship you can’t live without!

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Are you new to online dating and have no idea where to begin?  Have you tried dating sites before but struggled to meet good guys online?  If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, keep reading!

A lot more goes into a winning online profile than you might think.  It’s more than just blindly sharing some personal info, interests, and a few pictures from your last vacation.  Dating profiles serve a larger purpose.  When approached correctly, they separate you from the competition, attract compatible men, ensure a steady stream of winks and messages in your inbox, and help you set up memorable first dates.   

Your online dating profile is the single most important piece of digital real estate you have.  Unfortunately, most women, especially women who are completely new to online dating, struggle to write about themselves.  Let us help you tell your story!  We’ll work with you, one-on-one to reboot your existing profile, select great photos, sidestep common profile mistakes, and start attracting dates. 

Ready to get started?  To learn more about how Compatible Connections can help you get the most of your online dating profile, schedule a Discovery Session with Coach Bernadette.  In one short, twenty-minute phone call, we’ll explain how our profile consultation process works, answer any questions you might have, and learn more about your unique situation!

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