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The Meet-Cute?

The Meet-Cute is Compatible Connections’ way of saying “thank you” to all the fabulous singles who make our work possible.

Every four months, we share a heartfelt e-mail with our subscribers, chocked full of fun, light, flirty, and informative content.

Each New Issue Includes:

  • A Message from Coach Bernadette

A personal message from Coach Bernadette to help you make the most of the season as a single!

  • Upcoming Events
Updates on in-person and digital events for divorcees and widows.  This includes book chats, Master Classes, and much more!
  • The Heart Beat

A curated round-up of articles, videos, and podcasts dealing with dating, single life, and technology.  

  • Dating App Spotlight

Technology has never made dating easier … or more confusing. We highlight apps that help single women become rockstar online daters.

  • The New Glossary of Modern Romance

Catfishing. Breadcrumbing. Ghosting. To understand online dating you need to understand its unique vocabulary. We explore three new terms in each issue.

  • Dating Steals & Deals

Your search for true love shouldn’t cost more than it has to.  Every issue of The Meet-Cute includes dating steals & deals to help you save while you’re looking for Mr. Right.

Past Issues

Want to read a back issue or two before you subscribe? No problem! Click the links below to read previous editions of The Meet-Cute.

“Everything —yes, everything — looks better from the outside than the inside.”

  • What to do if you find yourself wishing you had a “plus one” on your arm this holiday season.
  • A special event for singles looking to ease the stress and fear of dating after divorce.
  • A “must have” dating app that can help you protect your privacy, online and off.
“Don’t let the Hallmark cards and heart-shaped chocolates get you down.  February is actually a perfect time to reflect on the advantages of being single.”
  • Four reasons it’s actually great to be single around Valentine’s Day.
  • One reason you should never flash a guy on the first date.
  • An “all star” fake number you can give out to annoying guys.

“Love is in the air!  Let’s make the most of it.”

  • Coach Bernadette’s take on how singles can make the most of spring.
  • A great, story-driven podcast about the messiness of love, loss, laughter, and human relationships.
  • A special “spring into love” offer available only to our subscribers.
  • Some inspiring & empowering book recommendations.
  • What it means to “listen for compatibility” … and why it’s so important.

Current Issue

“Love is in the air!  Let’s make the most of it.”

  • 4 places you can go this summer to have a bast & meet single guys (plus some great connecting questions).
  • A “Feel Good Summer” playlist to keep you grooving all the way to Labor Day.
  • A special “spring into love” offer available only to our subscribers.
  • A new section dedicated to answer dating’s most challenging questions. (First up: how long you date before having sex?)
  • A free virtual Master Class also focused on dating & sex.
  • A list of 10 dating apps that don’t exist … but should!
  • Our usual round up of funny & informative dating-related content from around the Internet.​

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